“I’m not stuffed with previous knowledge, I don’t have a book, I just experiment and find a way to work around it. I don’t pre-meditate anything. I work with what is happening at the particular time. I didn’t dream how big this is going to get. I never imagined it would go to the dimension it is now.
But it’s there, so we’re going with it.”
~ Juliu Horvath

Description of Services



I found Smart Bodies Pilates while searching for an exercise physiologist who could help me heal a recurring tendon injury. I had been to the orthopedic doctor, physical therapy, chiropractor and tried acupuncture. Nothing seemed to help long term. Alona did a postural assessment and found some things that were definitely not in alignment that could be why I keep injuring myself again. She took her time to explain everything while I looked in a mirror and could actually see what she was referring too. It was eye opening and educational as I always thought I had very good posture. I am excited to start the next part of this journey. I would highly recommend having the postural assessment if you are having pain and can’t pin point what the problem is. Alona is very knowledgeable and welcoming as she patiently listens and then explains.  - Cheryll Nicholson